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Makers Matter

What is Makers Matter?

Makers Matter is a one-year research project made possible by the Etsy Maker Cities Grant Program, dedicated to discovering, understanding and helping the maker community of Berlin.

Makers Matter will work with the local Berlin creative community to establish the following:

  • Who makes up the maker community of Berlin?
  • What inspires and drives our local makers?
  • How can we properly value the contribution of small creative businesses to the Berlin economy?
  • What are the biggest challenges faced by small creative businesses in Berlin?
  • Which are the best possible strategies for overcoming these challenges?
  • How can we make sure these solutions will continue to evolve to help future makers?

Over the year-long project, Makers Matter will work with both Berlin makers and local government to get to the bottom of what makes our creatives tick, to understand what their greatest struggles are, and to find the most effective ways possible to overcome them.


Who are the Berlin Makers?

A Berlin Maker is someone who runs a small business involving the hand-crafting of design-based products, or the restoration and re-selling of vintage design items. You could be just starting out or more established, working in your business full- or part-time, a native German or from another country.

Makers Matter

What’s happened so far? 

Last year, over 100 Makers across Berlin took part in the Makers Matter online survey.  To find out even more, we also held in-depth interviews, began running a series of case studies, and held our first focus group.

We were able to take all the information above and build a concrete profile of the average Berlin Maker.  This allows us to present a unified front and dispel some of the myths that exist around Maker businesses.

Everything we learned was carefully assessed and broken down into a detailed initial report, which you can view yourself below.  The report not only outlines who the Makers of Berlin are but also gives our community a voice by clearly identifying where help is needed most.

View the report here

What happens next? 

Over the next few months we’ll be hosting a series of workshops and focus groups to delve deeper into the issues we identified, and we would love for you to get involved.  We will take a practical look at how Makers currently tackle these hurdles and discuss what we can do to make things better.

Want to get involved? 

Whilst we’re not accepting new participants for workshops and focus groups, we still want to hear from as many Makers as possible!  You can add your voice and experiences by filling out the Makers Matter survey.

Fill out the Makers Matter survey here

If you know a Berlin maker who might be interested in this project, please forward this to them. If they want to, please ask them to fill out the survey.

Within the survey you can let us know whether you’d like to be updated on the results of the Makers Matter project or not.

Please share this wherever you can! We appreciate your help in reaching the many creatives in Berlin whom this research could benefit.


Makers Matter will be led by Emma Wood, Annemarie Schumacher and Iris Pohlgeers from the BKK.  The project is funded by the Etsy Maker Cities program and will be run in cooperation with local representatives from the Wirtschaftsförderung and the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, as well as coopolis GmbH.

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